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Argentina began setting up bases in Antarctica on February 22, 1904, when it settled a small meteorological base on Laurie Island in the Southern Orkneys.

Not so long ago, tourist cruises have started setting off from the city of Ushuaia, entering the Antartic Ocean during the summer months and navigating amidst gigantic icebergs. It is a unique opportunity to see Nature in its pure state, with colonies of penguins, whales, cormorants, seals, sea-lions and seabirds that accompany the ships from a distance. Includes a brief story about the world most important expeditions and explorers, the Antartic Treaty of 1959, the flora and fauna you may find there, tips and recommendations to enjoy the trip. A map of the whole Antartica Continent with special maps of the Antartic Penninsula, Larsen Ice Shelf, Deception Island and Danco Coast.
Autor / Author:de Dios, Julián
Colección / Collection: Map Guide
Idioma / Language: English (avail. in Spanish)
Peso / Weight: 60 grs
Año de Edición / Year: 2009